Carbon-Neutral EOS Block Producer


About Us

We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts and technologists from Iceland. The founders of EOS Iceland are crypto-enthusiasts with just the right mix of experience and skills to make a well-qualified team to run a Block Producer. As we all have Blockchain related day jobs we are very serious about the further growth of the industry as a whole and providing infrastructure services to the EOS Blockchain is a role we would be honored to accept.

Our Mission & Focus

EOS Iceland is a Block Producer on the EOS blockchain network. Our focus is on providing a solid and secure infrastructure and true transparency, accelerating the adoption of and confidence in the EOS network.

  • We are the only Block Producer candidate that is located in Iceland, including team, servers and corporate structure.

  • EOS Iceland is driven to promote EOS adoption and holder value, block producer integrity and transparency.

  • We also happen to be the “greenest” BP candidate in the world as we run our equipment on 100% clean energy (hydro and geothermal) and our hosting partners at Advania Data Centers are achieving world-class efficiency in their facilities by utilizing the cold Icelandic air for direct air cooling. You will have a hard time finding a Block Producer running in facilities with lower PUE than ours (we’re actually pretty sure you can’t).


“The EOS.IO software introduces a new blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.”

EOS.IO Technical White Paper